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Resistance: Fall of Man

  • 07 July, 2018
  • By Admin: Frederick Wilson
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Resistance Fall Of Man is a based when creatures called the ‘Chimera’ attempt to take over Europe. You are Nathan Hale and you must rid Europe of the Chimera at all costs, but defeating the Chimera isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Presentation: Everything on this game looks great, from stylish menus to nice looking set-ups and profiles in Multiplayer.

Graphics: Here is where I was very impressed, everything has backbreaking amounts of detail in it, every gun look outstanding, the Chimera look fantastic (well obviously there faces don’t but…), your fellow soldiers are very detailed from top to bottom, buildings are incredibly detailed, you can even shoot or hit the windows and it looks very detailed and realistic, every last detail put into the surroundings make it look fantastic. Resistance Fall Of Man has some of the best graphics I have ever seen, just take a look…

Sound: The sound is also quite impressive with very realistic gunshots, moving and walking sound ever so realistic, the voice acting is very good throughout the entire game and the Chimera make weird but cool noises. Resistance has fantastic sound throughout the whole game including Multiplayer, which makes it feel like it would if the Chimera really did invade Europe.

Gameplay: Another strong point in Resistance is the Gameplay, with slaughtering the Chimera incredibly fun. But at times during the game it can get, well… frustrating and can make Singleplayer less enjoyable. I would have liked to see the game help the player out if he/she was struggling by eliminating some of the Chimera or by providing more guns and ammo, that alone would have made it a more enjoyable experience for all players. But don’t let that fool you, Resistance is still very fun and it gives you so many ways to kill the Chimera from riddling them full of bullets, blowing their head off with the sniper rifle or just blowing them up with help them the good old Rocket Launcher. And if Singleplayer isn’t enough, the action continues in Multiplayer, but this time your not killing Chimera, you are slaughtering people from all over the world… fun! In the end Resistance is an incredibly fun game all the way through Single and Multiplayer and it will keep you coming back for more

Lasting Appeal: Singleplayer is fairly lengthy with it taking quite a long time to complete the main story, but if that isn’t enough, why not slaughter people all over the world in Multiplayer. With Singleplayer being lengthy, Multiplayer incredibly fun with lots to do, you will want to keep coming back to what one day may be described as the game that started the PS3.

Overall: With awesome graphics, nice looking menus, lengthy Singleplayer and the ever so addictive Multiplayer, Resistance Fall Of Man is a must get for any FPS fans out there